Tulsi heavy duty is a Clear, High Strength and Fast Setting uPVC Solvent Cement for all Classes and schedule.

Tulsi heavy duty is for use on uPVC pipes and fittings. This cement may be used for up to 8” pipes and fittings with interference fit for pressure applications such as potable water, irrigation and up to 12”pipes and fittings with interference fit for non pressure application such as drain, waste, vent, sewer and conduit.
Properties and Specifications



Set Time Fast

Cure Time


Making Joint

Self Life








Cloudy Clear



Depend On Whether (4 to 24hrs)

ASTM D-2564

ASTM D-2855

2 Years

Direction for use
  1. Cut pipe square with saw or hand cutter. Remove all burrs.
  2. Check dry fit of pipe and fitting. Pipe should easily go 1/3 to ½ ways into fitting. If pipe bottoms into fitting it should be very snug.
  3. Pipe & Fitting should be free of dirt, grease and other foreign materials. If necessary clean pipe and fitting using Tulsi Pipe Cleaner. Primer is highly recommended for 3’’ and larger diameter installation. Apply liberal coat. Primer will start softening surface of pipe and fitting thus ensuring joint.
  4. Use applicator supplied with can or suitable applicator at least ½ the size of pipe Diameter.
  5. Apply Liberal coat of cement to the pipe (equal to depth of fitting) and adequate coat inside of fitting. Make sure there is no uncoated surface. Avoid pudding of cement, it may weaken the joint.
  6. Immediately insert pipe into fitting with twisting motion. Cement should be wet. If it has dried recoated both parts. Use sufficient force to ensure pipe bottom into fitting.
  7. Hold joint together for 30-40 seconds to make sure pipe is not pushed out-longer time if temperature is low and larger pipes.
  8. Allow15 minutes set time before handling the assembly and 2 hours cure time if temperature is below 16 degree Celsius or 60 degree Fahrenheit. Longer cure time may be required for longer pipe and or temperature is below 16 degree Celsius or 60 degree Fahrenheit.
  9. Thinners should not be added to change viscosity of the cement. It may change properties and performance of the solvent cement.
Extremely flammable liquid, Vapor may irritate Eye or Skin, may cause flash fire, may be Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Do not use near Heat, Sparks and Flames. Keep out of reach of Children.
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