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Established in the year September 16, 1994 “Tulsi Extrusions Private Limited”  by 2 visionary people Mr. Pradip Mundhra and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Taparia to become India’s leading and largest polymer processing company with innovative products in  agribusiness.

It was incorporated “public limited company” on June 5, 1995 under the banner “Tulsi Extrusions Limited (CIN No: L29120MH1994PLC081182)” . Intially it started manufacturing PVC pipes catering to the demand of rural Agriculture market and today  with mutiple products catering not only to rural market but also urban. Aggressive marketing and pace with demand, company in short span spread its network across the country.  Tulsi extended it’s portfolio to other sector like potable water supply schemes, sewerage and drainage, Bore well, Plumbing and construction etc. The company did not stop here, seeing the need for conserving natural resource and optimum use of water in agriculture entered in to  manufacturing “ Micro Irrigation System”. A rapidly growing industry  to  “SAVE”  every drop of water, Power, Labour & Fertilizer to increase crop yield  and  make India self sufficient  country in food supply. The company is accredited ISO 9001-2008 certification to give quality products & services.


Tulsi Extrusions Limited started its manufacturing activities at N-99,100 M.I.D.C. area, Jalgaon (Maharashtra) being proximity to the market. It is well connected to railway as well as road and from here it can send material to any part of the country within a short notice of 48 to 72 hours. Moreover, the company has various sales distribution points and is likely to open some at various places to fulfill the customers' need even for the smallest quantity.

Registered & Corporate office

Tulsi Extrusions Limited
N-99/100, M.I.D.C. Area,
Jalgaon- 425 300
Phone: +91-257-2272732 / 2212276
Fax: +91-257-2210052

Tulsi Extrusions Limited, Unit -I
Plot No N-99/100/108/109,
M.I.D.C. Area,
Jalgaon- 425 003
Tel:+91-257-2272732 / 2212276
Fax: +91-257-2210052

Tulsi Extrusions Limited, Unit -II
Plot No H-16/17,
M.I.D.C. Area, Jalgaon- 425 003
Fax: +91-257-2272265

Tulsi Extrusions Limited, Unit -III
Plot No G-51/52,
M.I.D.C. Area,
Jalgaon- 425 003
Fax: +91-257-2210052


We have a management team with experience in different areas of PVC pipes and fittings industry including production, quality control, sales, marketing and finance. The management team is supported by workforce. Our management team includes Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Sanjay R. Taparia, who has over 27 years of experience in trading and marketing of agriculture equipments .

Our Board of Directors comprises following Board members :
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Taparia (Chairman & Managing Director)
Mr. Jaiprakash Kabra (Independent and Non-Executive Director)
Mr. Vivek Madhukar Pingle (Independent and Non-Executive Director)
Mrs. Chetna Rajendra Nannavare (Independent and Non-Executive Woman Director)


We have 3 manufacturing units in the Jalgaon district under the area of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. All of these units are equipped to individually produce different products as per the requirements and specifications of the customers. The proper maintenance as well as the standard quality of raw materials helps us to reduce the break down of the units and also increase the shelf life of the machinery. The basic units require cooling of the output which is being achieved by cooled recyclable water and constant supply of compressed air which is arranged by compressors. All the units are equipped to supply major required dimensions of various pipes and accesories having standard outputs.

The manufacturing units are equipped with machinery and equipments for manufacturing of Pipes as well as fittings including equipments for product testing. The machinery and equipments installed at our 3 manufacturing units comprise of extrusion machines, pulverizers, grinders, mixtures, cutters, cooling towers, transformer, cranes, trolley and any other such machinery for the normal production of pipes of different quality and sizes. The units also have an array of dies that enables the plant to manufacture different sizes of pipes for various purposes. Infrastructural facilities for the machinery are well designed to suit the requirements of the plant .Testing machines such as Hydraulic long term testing Machine, Tensile testing machines, Impact Testing machine, Opacity testing machines, Vicat softe ning testing machines are also installed in these units not only to check the quality of the output but also for the development of new products and mixtures.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality management systems are accredited with ISO-9001:2008 Certification. We have a quality control laboratory with range of testing facilities. The products manufactured undergo a series of tests conforming to the BIS and ASTM standards.

The Company with its advanced equipments belonging to the category of state of the art technology and trained personnel in quality assurance department, has its own laboratory with a vast range of test facilities where the pipes are tested as per BIS specification before it is sent to yard for storage. The quality assurance department is looked after by the Executive Directors and supported by qualified Engineers. It is indicative of our quality consciousness that existing corporate clients have accepted the products offered by us. Further, continuous effort is made to maintain the quality of the products.


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