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Sprinkler Irrigation system is a method of water conveying system from main water resources to the cultivation fields through spray technology. This type of technology is used mainly where the crops cultivation is irregular and for the crops which require cool breeze. In sprinkler system the water has been pressurized & sprayed through an orifice which has been fitted in a self-rotating shut off nozzle. Tulsi Sprinkler System has BIS license IS: 14151 – part 1 & 2 and adheres to the norms for every sprinkler product. These sprinkler pipes are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene granules and special additives such as ultra violet radiation stabilizers, antioxidants, anti-aging & environmental stress crack agents, etc. Tulsi Sprinklers go through stringent quality test in our sophisticated Lab. Then field performance test done in our factory site provided demo plot testing facilities. TULSI Sprinkler pipes manufactured in the range of Ø 63 mm to Ø 110 mm with 2.5 Kgf/cm2 & 3.2 Kgf/cm2 pressure rating. HDPE Sprinkler fittings are made in-house to maintain and control on quality and any outsourced component will be from quality vendor strictly manufactured as per our specification and testing norms for quality. The Sprinkler coupler jointing is done with superior welding technology fusion welded and Butt Welded as per the customer / market requirement. Two types of sprinkler pipe locking is done known as Clamp Type and Latch Type. Every Tulsi sprinkler system is customized to suit field condition.

Seasonal Crops, Vegetable, Coffee, Rubber, Tea, Cotton, Cereal.
  • Elimination of the channels for conveyance, therefore no conveyance loss.
  • Suitable to all types of soil except heavy clay.
  • Suitable for irrigating crops where the plant population per unit area is very high. It is most suitable for oil seeds and other cereal and vegetable crops.
  • Water saving.
  • Closer control of water application convenient for giving light and frequent irrigation and higher water application efficiency.
  • Increase in yield.
  • Mobility of system.
  • May also be used for undulating area.
  • Saves land as no bunds etc. are required.
  • Influences greater conducive micro-climate.
  • Areas located at a higher elevation than the source can be irrigated.
  • Possibility of using soluble fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Less problem of clogging of sprinkler nozzles due to sediment laden water.
Crop response to sprinkler
Seasonal crops, Cereal, Vegetable using Sprinkler System revealed water saving from 35-40% over the traditional method with yield increase from 15to 25 % in different crops and agro climatic conditions.
Sprinkler Irrigation Layout
Latch Type
Components of sprinkler irrigation system
The components of portable sprinkler system are shown in fig. 3. A sprinkler system usually consists of the following components
PVC Pipe


Mains/sub mains: The piping’s consist of main line, sub main. Main line conveys water from the source and distributes it to the sub mains. The sub mains convey water to the sprinklers. Aluminum or HDPE pipes are generally used for portable systems.

PVC Pipe


Couplers are used for connecting two pipes and uncoupling quickly and easily. Essentially a coupler should provide

  • A reuse and flexible connection
  • Not leak at the joint
  • Be simple and easy to couple and uncouple
  • Be light, non-corrosive and durable.
NozzelMini Sprinkler

Sprinkler Nozzle

Sprinkler head distribute water uniformly over the field without runoff or excessive loss due to deep percolation. Different types of sprinklers are available. They are either rotating or fixed type. The rotating type can be adapted for a wide range of application rates and spacing. They are effective with pressure of about 2 to 3 kg/cm2.

Fittings and accessories

The following are some of the important fittings and accessories used in sprinkler system.

  • Flange, couplings and nipple used for proper connection to the pump, suction and delivery.
  • Pressure gauge: It is necessary to know whether the sprinkler system is working with desired pressure to ensure application uniformity.
  • Bend, tees, reducers, elbows, hydrants, butterfly valve and plugs.
  • Fertilizer applicator: Soluble fertilizers can be injected into the sprinkler system and applied to the crop. The fertilizer applicator consists of a sealed fertilizer tank with necessary tubing’s and connections. A Ventury injector can be arranged in the main line, which creates the differential pressure suction and allows the fertilizer solution to flow in the main water line.
TEE L Type PCN L Type TEE L Type PCN L Type End Cap L Type Footbatten C Type

Bend L Type

Bent C Type

TEE L Type

PCN L Type

End Cap L Type

Footbatten C Type

TEE C Type Bend C Type PCN C Type End Cap C Type  

Bend C Type

TEE C Type

PCN C Type

End Cap C Type


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